Looking for text in any part of a field

A function to search text in part of a field of any dataset

Looking for text in any part of a field

The following function searches for text in any part of a field of any dataset (it can be for example a TTable, TQuery, TADOTable, TADOQuery, TIBTable, TIBQuery, etc.)


   TLocateStrOption = (loCaseSensitive, loContinue);

   TLocateStrOptions = set of TLocateStrOption;

  function LocateStr(Dataset: TDataset; Field: TField; Str: String;

    LocateOptions: TLocateStrOptions): boolean;

  // Searches text in any part of a dataset field. The search can be

  // case sensitive (option loCaseSensitive) and can start from the

  // beginning or from the current record (option loContinue).


  // Returns True if the string was found (the dataset is positioned

  // in that record) and False otherwise (the dataset is left in EOF)


    ControlsDisabled: boolean;


    ControlsDisabled := Dataset.ControlsDisabled;

    if not ControlsDisabled then Dataset.DisableControls;


      if loContinue in LocateOptions then begin

        if not Dataset.Eof then Dataset.Next;

      end else

        Dataset.First; // Start from the beginning

      if not (loCaseSensitive in LocateOptions) then

        Str := UpperCase(Str);

      while not Dataset.Eof do begin

        if loCaseSensitive in LocateOptions then begin

          if Pos(Str, Field.AsString) <> 0 then break;

        end else begin

          if Pos(Str, UpperCase(Field.AsString)) <> 0 then break;




      Result := Dataset.Eof;


      if not ControlsDisabled then Dataset.EnableControls;




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