Changing MessageDlg font

How to change MessageDLG

Contributor: DAVID WELSH

> Does anyone know a way to change the font in the dialog displayed by

> the MessageDlg function?

The Dialogs unit contains the MessageDlg function which in turn calls a

function called MessageDlgPos. MessageDlgPos calls CreateMessageDialog

which actually creates the message dialog and returns it. If you alter

MessgeDlgPos (or create a new one) you can change the font of the


ex. of a new MessageDlgPos to set font name, size and style:

function MessageDlgPosSetFont(const Msg: string; DlgType: TMsgDlgType;

  Buttons: TMsgDlgButtons; HelpCtx: Longint; X, Y: Integer; sFontName:


  iFontSize: Integer; fsStyle: TFontStyles): Integer;


  with CreateMessageDialog(Msg, DlgType, Buttons) do


      HelpContext := HelpCtx;

      if X >= 0 then Left := X;

      if Y >= 0 then Top := Y;

      // set the font name, size and style




      Result := ShowModal;






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