Backing up / restoring multiple file databases

How to backup split databases so that the resulting files are also split, and then how to restore again.

To backup a multi-file database example.gdb + example.gd2 +
example.gd3 to the backup-files example.gbk + example.gb2 + example.gb3 use to following:

    gbak -B -T -password masterkey -user sysdba -v example.gdb
        example.gbk 1G example.gb2 1G exampke.gb3 1G etc....

add every backup-file to the command-line in the form filename size in bytes or M/G for mega-, gigabytes.

To restore a multi-file backup use the following:
    gbak -r -o -p 8192 -password masterkey -user sysdba -v
        example.gbk example.gb2 example.gb3 (continue...)
        example.gdb 250000 example.gd2 250000 example.gd3

You have to include every backup-file in the command-line.

This works in the original open source release of interbase.


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