Setting the dropdown width of a combobox

When the length of a string in a combobox exceeds the width of the combobox there are 3 things that can be done they are

  • Shorten the string (not a very good solution)

  • Add a horizontal scroll bar

  • Change the width of the drop down list.

    The following function will reset the width of the dropdown listbox within a combobox.

    It takes 2 parameters (1 optional).

    ComboBox is the TComboBox whos dropdown width is to be changed.

    Width is an optional parameter specifying the width of the drop down list. If

    the width is less than the width of the ComboBox then this parameter will be ignored and the width will be set to the longest string in the combobox.

    procedure SetComboDropDownWidth(ComboBox: TComboBox; Width: Integer = -1);


      I, TextLen: Longint;

      lf: LOGFONT;

      f: HFONT;


      if Width < ComboBox.Width then begin


        StrPCopy(lf.lfFaceName, ComboBox.Font.Name);

        lf.lfHeight := ComboBox.Font.Height;

        lf.lfWeight := FW_NORMAL;

        if fsBold in ComboBox.Font.Style then

          lf.lfWeight := lf.lfWeight or FW_BOLD;

        f := CreateFontIndirect(lf);

        if (f <> 0) then



            ComboBox.Canvas.Handle := GetDC(ComboBox.Handle);



              for I := 0 to ComboBox.Items.Count -1 do begin

                TextLen := ComboBox.Canvas.TextWidth(ComboBox.Items[I]);

                if TextLen > Width then

                  Width := TextLen;


              (* Standard ComboBox drawing is Rect.Left + 2,

              adding the extra spacing offsets this *)

              Inc(Width, GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYVTHUMB) +



              ReleaseDC(ComboBox.Handle, ComboBox.Canvas.Handle);







      SendMessage(ComboBox.Handle, CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH, Width, 0);



    Si Carter

    Orcka Development


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