Refresh your program's frozen form when stopped in the debugger

How many times have you wished you could see the contents of your program's

frozen form when stopped by the degugger? Well, now you can!

Nothing is more frustrating than to be in the Delphi or C++Builder debugger and you desparately need to see what is displayed on your form in stopped program.

But if you move the debugger windows out of the way, portions of the form is white because a stopped program can't redraw the form. Or can it?

You're going to kick yourself for not figuring this one out yourself.;)

1) All you have to do is move the debugger windows out of the way so you can see the Form1 of the stopped program.

2) Press Ctrl-F7 to call up the Evaluate/Modify window. Make sure this window does not re-block your Form1.

3) In the Expression field enter "Form1.Update" and press the Evaluate button. (replace "Form1" with the name of the form to redisplay)

The stopped program will now redraw Form1 so you can see all of the controls displayed in your frozen program just as it was when it was stopped!

This expression stays in the Expression combo box so you can easily re-execute it at will. This works on all versions of Delphi

going back to Delphi 2.


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