Point in Polygon ?

How to check if point X,Y is within a polygon.

Point in polygon

Apparently this solution involves checking how many times you cross

a line to pass from point X,Y to the outer edge of the screen.

I honestly have never tried reading the code properly to try to

understand the concept, I just know that it seems to work !

function PtInPoly(const Points: Array of TPoint; X,Y: Integer): Boolean;




  J : Integer;


  Result := False;

  Count := Length(Points);

  J := Count-1;

  for I := 0 to Count-1 do begin

    if ((Points[I].Y <=Y) and (Y < Points[J].Y)) or

       ((Points[J].Y <=Y) and (Y < Points[I].Y)) then


      if (x < (Points[j].X - Points[i].X) * (y - Points[i].Y) /

        (Points[j].Y - Points[i].Y) + Points[i].X) then

          Result := not Result;


    J := I;




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