Win9x Services

This article demonstrates how to write a service for Win9X


One of the most beneficial features on WinNT and Win2000 is the ability to run applications in the background, serving requests behind the scenes.

It is a shame that Windows95/98 does not have this same feature, obviously it is because it was not meant to be a network server of any kind. However, sometimes it is necessary to have a task running as a service on Windows95/98, so the nice people at Microsoft decided to implement what I would consider "a hack".

Write your application, in the project source do this.



  Application.ShowMainForm := False; //<-- Add this !!

This will stop your main form appearing when your application is run.

Now in the registry



Make a string entry pointing to your application.

Finally, in the OnCreate of your form call


The code for InternalRegisterServiceProcess is as follows.


  TServiceFunc = function (aProcessID: DWord;

    aType: DWord): WordBool; stdcall;

function InternalRegisterServiceProcess(

  const StartService : Boolean) : Boolean;


  HKernel32: THandle;

  P: TServiceFunc;

  dwProcess: DWord;

  dwType: DWord;


  Result := False;

  HKernel32 := LoadLibrary('Kernel32.dll');

  if HKernel32 > 0 then


    P := GetProcAddress(HKernel32,'RegisterServiceProcess');

    if Assigned(P) then


      dwProcess := GetCurrentProcessID;

      dwType := 0;

      case StartService of

        True : dwType := 1;

        False : dwType := 0;


      Result := P(dwProcess, dwType);







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