What is a TFrame ?

TFrames are like Components (you can place them on the Component Pallet) but are not difficult to create and understand. I will predict that we will see a new business of creating and selling TFrames.

From now on start thinking in TFrames when you create a new application. Most likely you start and application with a TForm. On the Form you will place a couple of Containers (TPanel, TPageControl, TToolBar, TCoolBar, TStatusBar, TListBox, TMemo or others that segments the GUI).

Inside the Container you will place Components. When you look back on some of your last couple of projects or more important across your new project you will see that look and feel is being repeated. This is where TFrames will help you in: Create once, uses many times RAD. Save resources at run-time.

Some of the things that I have created with TFrames are:

  1. Advertisement banner for using internal and external banners in an application.
  2. Outlook Icon Tool Panel (the one you see on the left side of Outlook).
  3. Business Rules Engine, that can be placed on a TPageControl.
  4. General Setup Dialog, that also can be placed on a TPageControl.

If you have any questions, samples, ideas, or other things regarding TFrames please email them to me [email protected]

For more information on TFrames see:

Delphi Informant Magazine December 199, Volume 5 Number 12

C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Demos\Frames\Db\framesdemo.dpr

Frames Live Chat November 4, 1999


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