Creating Office menus

How to Create Office like menu ?

  • Drop down a TControlBar or a TCoolbar.
  • Drop down a TToolBar inside of the TcontrolBar or TCoolbar.
  • Set Flat, and ShowCaptions of the TToolBar to True.
  • Create as many TToolButtons on the TToolBar as you'd like with the AutoSize property to True.
  • Set Grouped to True for all TToolButtons. This will enable your menu to pop up menu after menu as you sweep across the menu (if a menu is already pulled down).
  • Drop down a TMainMenu, and make sure it's *not* attached to the form it's on.
  • Create the entire menu, with all its entries.
  • For each TToolButton, set its MenuItem to the corresponding menu item in the TmainMenu (ie the « File » assign the File1 menuitem, etc...).

    FYI, there is a free component supposed to ease that procedure on the

    borland site


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