Hiding the windows start button

This article demonstrates how to hide the start button in Windows.

procedure hideStartbutton(visi:boolean);


  Tray, Child : hWnd;

  C : Array[0..127] of Char;

  S : string;


  Tray := FindWindow('Shell_TrayWnd', NIL);

  Child := GetWindow(Tray, GW_CHILD);

  while Child <> 0 do


    if GetClassName(Child, C, SizeOf(C)) > 0 then


      S := StrPAS(C);

      if UpperCase(S) = 'BUTTON' then



        If Visi then ShowWindow(Child, 1) else ShowWindow(Child, 0);



    Child := GetWindow(Child, GW_HWNDNEXT);




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