Turning on/off ECO logging

ECO II has a new feature in Update 2 which makes it easier to see what it is doing behind the scenes.

When you run your app you can look in the messages window of the Delphi IDE and see what is happening.  You can turn on/off switches for different areas of ECO including OCL, PMapper, etc by setting the following options.

Borland.Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogOcl := false/true;
Borland.Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogPMapper := false/true;
Borland.Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogRegions := false/true;
Borland.Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogSql := false/true;
Borland.Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogSqlMeta := false/true;
Borland.Eco.Logging.EcoLogSwitches.LogValidation := false/true;


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