How To Find Blog Templates

So you have your blog, and now you're ready to customize the look of it to your personal tastes. A few of the options for creating that look include coding your own layout, using tutorials with base coding, or finding a pre-made template. The last option is an extremely popular way to create your personalized style, because it simply requires copying and pasting the codes the creator gives to you into your own overrides/codes box. There exist many places where creators gather to share with you their favorite pastime, which happens to be helping you make your blog beautiful. There are two main places you can find these templates.

  1. Search the internet:

    Doing an online search for "blog templates" or "journal layouts" will bring you many results. Some websites you see will charge you money. It is not required that you pay money to receive a layout though, because there are many free templates available.

  2. Search your blogging site:

    This is the most popular form of customizing your layout. Most blogging sites have communities within their site.  This allows groups of people to gather for similar interests. Search for "free layouts" or "pre-made layouts" to find communities where makers offer their templates to you. With most online journal websites, it is against Terms of Service to ask someone to pay for a layout. You will probably be required to give the maker or their community credit somewhere on your journal. You also need to upload the images in the layout to your own image hosting site in most cases. Not all makers require that you do that, but most do.

Many layout templates that work on one blogging site will work on another as well. If you plan on using a layout at another site, you should ask the maker for permission and make sure it will work on the other site. Good luck finding your template!


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