How To Convert a WordPerfect File into a Microsoft Word Document

If you've been using Corel WordPerfect to create documents, but now find you need to open, edit, and save those same documents using Microsoft Word, don't worry! Converting a WordPerfect file to a Word doc requires only a few simple steps: (1) opening the WordPerfect file in Word and then (2) saving the file in a Word document format.

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When you save a file, most software programs save the file in a format specific to that software. A file format is indicated by the three- or four-letter file extension that appears after the file name. By default, Microsoft Word saves files in a Word format with a .doc file extension; Corel WordPerfect saves files in a WordPerfect format with a .wpd file extension. (For example, if a file is named resume.doc, .doc is the extension, indicating this is a Microsoft Word file. A file name of resume.wpd indicates this is a Corel WordPerfect file.)

Because Word and WordPerfect use different file formats, Word first must convert a WordPerfect document from .wpd to a file format it can read before it can open the file. After the file is open, you should save the file in a Word file format (.doc), to ensure further editing and formatting is saved.

To convert Wordperfect to Word:

  1. Start Microsoft Word.
  2. Click Open on the File menu or click the Open button on the Standard toolbar.
  3. When the Open dialog box opens, check the Files of type list to ensure it is set to All Files (*.*). If necessary, click the Files of type list arrow and then select All Files (*.*) in the list.
  4. Use the Look in list or double-click to browse through folders to locate and select the WordPerfect file you want to convert.
  5. Click the WordPerfect file name and then click the Open button. Word will convert the document and open it in Word.
  6. Next, you should save the file in Word document format. To do so, click Save As on the File menu. The Save dialog box will open.
    file extension wpd
  7. When the Save As dialog box opens, check the Save as type list to ensure it is set to Word Document (*.doc). If necessary, click the Save as type arrow and then Word Document (*.doc) in the list.
  8. Word automatically will rename the file to use a .doc extension, not a .wpd extension. If you want to further rename the file, type the new name in the File name box.
  9. Use the Save in list or double-click to browse through folders to locate and select the folder where you want to save the converted file.
  10. Click the Save button.

After you convert the .wpd file to .doc, you may need to reformat some parts of the document (for example, formatting like page breaks and columns may not convert cleanly). After you've made these formatting changes, simply save the document again (remember: it's now a Word document and will save, by default, as a Word document). Voila! In a few simple steps, you've converted your old WordPerfect document to a brand-new Word document.


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