How To Make Animated GIFs

Animation and the movies you see everyday work in exactly the same manner. They are frame after frame of still images that when sped up, appear to move.

  1. Open Jasc Animation Shop (JAS) and click File then New or Ctrl+N if you are like me and prefer using hotkeys.
  2. In my example I will be creating an animation using only two images; my animation will loosely resemble a rolling stone. For this I am using only one image. However depending on the complexity of your animation (such as a man or animal walking) you may require far more. It is really just a matter of placing the individual images in the correct order.
  3. You will need this image. Save it to your hard disk by right clicking on the image and choose "Save Image As."  Remember the directory where you saved it; you will need it momentarily.

    Required image file for this how to.

  4. Now that you have the image, go back to JAS; you will see a set of empty frames. Go ahead and delete the default frame by selecting it and hitting delete; you will not need this frame.
  5. Go up to the menu bar and choose Animation, then Insert Frames--> From File
  6. In the insert frames window choose Add File, browse to the directory where you saved the above image file and select it, now click open. Now click "Okay." This image should now appear in the first frame.
  7. Select the first frame by clicking on it, then right click and choose "Copy" or simply press Ctrl+C.
  8. Right click again and choose Paste--> After Current Frame.
  9. Select the newly created frame and return to the menu bar, select "Animation" and then click "Flip Frames" or hit Ctrl+I.
  10. To make sure you have done it correctly, right click either frame and then choose "View Animation." You should see a rolling stone. If you do not see any animation, then you may want to start back at step one. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
  11. If you DID see an animation, then select "File," then "Save As," give it a name and now you have an Animated GIF that you can use in your very own website or even in a flash presentation.


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