Change Font Color Using HTML Coding

Changing your font color can have practical as well as purely fun purposes. It can make your page look more interesting, and it can help you to organize your page. By following these steps, you can change font colors on your webpage.

  1. Know how to construct the font tag. The font tag (with the color attribute) is constructed like this:

    <font color="INSRTCOLOR">The text you want to change color goes here.</font>

    You must insert your color in the font code area that says INSRTCOLOR.

  2. Young man with laptopChoose your font color. There are many considerations to be made here. First, you must know what color you want your text to be. Deciding this should be the result of a consideration of the color scheme of your website -- it is easier to design a webpage when you have the general setup already decided. Second, you must decide what format you want your color information to be. There are two major formats:
    • Standard colors. Standard colors are inserted into the HTML tag by way of words that name the intended color. These attributes are the easiest to use, but they are limited to a selection of 16 colors. These colors are aqua (aqua), black (black), blue (blue), fuchsia (fuchsia), gray (gray), green (green), lime (lime), maroon (maroon), navy (navy), olive (olive), purple (purple), red (red), silver (silver), teal (teal), white (white), and yellow (yellow). An example of a tag using this format follows:

      <font color="blue">This text will be blue.</font>

    • RGB Hexadecimal Notation. Hexadecimal notation is used more frequently than standard color notation because it is much more precise. Hexadecimal notation is based on the system of reds, greens, and blues (RGB) that is in every pixel on your computer screen. Hexadecimal color names are made up of numbers and letters (which the computer reads as numbers), and are preceded by a # sign. A few examples follow:


      An example of a font tag with a color attribute using RGB hexadecimal notation follows:

      <font color="#FF6699">This text is in color.</font>

      A listing of hexadecimal colors can be found here.

  3. There is one last way to specify font color, called RGB Decimal notation, which is based on a system of three variables ranging in value from 0 to 255. However, it is mostly used with CSS, not HTML.

  4. Place the font color code on your website. Place your font tag, complete with a specified color attribute, in the <body> section of your webpage. Place the text you want to be colored between the <font color="INSRTCOLOR"> tag and the </font> tag (the </font> tag ends the coloring of the text).

Now you can change font colors, why not try changing the font size with HTML codes? Good luck!


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FONT tag is obsolete if you need to comply to XHTML 1.0 Strict standard. If you need to change color of a text that comply with XHTML 1.0 Strict or newer standard, better way is to use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

By Zamrony P Juhara