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If you need a custom form there is no reason why you need to go out and hire someone to create one for you. Creating a form using Microsoft Word can be a fairly simple task. Creating your own template will allow you to specify the fields that your form requires and make the decision on what fields a user can edit. This article will step you through how to create a form using Microsoft Office Word 2003 but many of the steps are the same for other versions. 

  1. You will first need to create a Word template in order to create a form. Do this by choosing "File, New" on the New Document taskbar, then choose "On my computer" under the heading "Templates." Make sure Blank Document under the General tab is selected and press "OK."
  2. The easiest way to make a form is to use the Forms toolbar. To access this toolbar, choose "View, Toolbars" and then choose the Forms toolbar.
  3. To create a field for typing, click on the first button, "Text Form Field." This will insert a text field into your form. Click the fourth button, "Form Field Options." This will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to set default text and set the length of the field.
  4. To create a checkbox field, click the second button, "Check Box Form Field." Click the fourth button, "Form Field Options," to set the size and default value.
  5. To create a drop-down menu field, click the third button, "Drop-Down Form Field." Click the "Form Field Options" button to add your items you wish to include in the drop-down menu.
  6. You may wish to add a table. You can do this by clicking the "Draw Table" or "Insert Table" button. If you click "Draw Table," a table toolbar will pop up with more options. You may also add a frame by clicking the "Insert Frame" button and drawing it with your mouse. You can add these tables or frames before or after you create your fields. The "Form Field Shading" button will toggle the form shading on and off to further help you control the look of your template.
  7. The "Reset Form Fields" button will set your fields back to their original settings. The "Protect Form" button will lock your template so it cannot be edited unless you unlock it.

After you have created the form just the way you want it, you can simply attach it to an email or publish it to a website. The MS Word 2003 Help Guide is an excellent resource, particularly if you are using a different version of Word. It can be accessed by way of your Help menu.


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