How To Get Podcasts

Most people, by now, have heard of podcasts, but not everyone knows how to get these audio and video files onto the device of their choice. "Podcast" was first used in 2004 and was declared the word of the year in 2005. Despite this popularity, the process of getting a podcast isn't as well known. Finding the podcast of your choice isn't as elusive as it seems; in fact, finding and updating podcasts can be a rather simple process.

  1. Make Sure Your Device is Compatible. Before you begin the actual process of finding and downloading podcasts you should make sure the device you have can use podcasts. IPods, from which the podcast takes part of its name, are the most common devices with which to use podcasts. However, other devices can playback podcasts as well. These include most MP3 players, CDs, and computers. The device you wish to upload your podcast to will also need to have sufficient space to hold the podcast in question. Podcasts are very similar in size and compression to most music programs, but make sure adequate space is available beforehand.
  2. Finding a Podcast that is Right for You. Finding a podcast that fits your needs is easy as long as you know where to look. Podcasts are available on nearly any topic imaginable as long as you are looking in the proper places. Some of the most popular podcasts are created by hosts of radio and television shows. The best place to find podcasts of this type are to go directly to the source, the official site of the host or television show. These aren't the only places to get podcasts, however.

    Podcasts come in every shape and size and no matter what you want to listen to, there is more than likely multiple options for your listening pleasure. Check iTunes, the top program for organizing and uploading podcasts to your iPod or other music devices, for the latest and greatest podcasts. Looking for podcasts by everyday people? It can be a challenging process but these sites will make the searching much easier. Podcast Alley is one of the premiere sources for podcasts. Another great resource is Find Podcasts. Simply browse through these sites to find podcasts that interest you. Now that you have found the podcast that is right for you, it is time to listen to them.

  3. Uploading and Listening to Your Podcasts. Once you have found a podcast (or podcasts) that you like, it is time to download it. Most sites will feature an easy way to download the podcast to your computer. Once the podcast is on your computer it can be treated just like any other audio file. You can then upload the podcast to your favorite portable music device, burn it to a CD, or listen to it on your computer. No matter what podcast you prefer listening to, updates will probably be published weekly or monthly. In this case you will want check for updates or subscribe to the podcast's RSS feed to receive emails when it is updated. Whether you enjoy listening to political banter or the latest entertainment news, podcasts can easily be downloaded to keep up on the latest happenings.


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