Cannot open links in Outlook Express emails?

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Do you find that when you click a link in an email nothing happens?

This can occur when another program has registered itself as the default application for browsing the Web. If this program is not well written, or it has been uninstalled, Outlook Express cannot launch a browser window when you click on a link within an email.

To remedy this email setup problem, you must re-register Internet Explorer as the default browser.

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Select the Tools->Internet Options menu
  3. Select the [Programs] tabcannot open links in outlook express
  4. Look for a checkbox labelled "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser"
  5. If this checkbox is not ticked, then this is the cause of the problem, so tick it!
  6. Click OK
  7. Close Internet Explorer
  8. Re-open Internet Explorer
  9. Close Outlook Express
  10. Re-open Outlook Express


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SOLUTION: I've had the same issue, the fix was, however, to NOT DISABLE the "DCOM SERVER PROCESS LAUNCHER". This service appears to be crucial inorder for this sort of interoperabilty to function. This services MUST BE SET to Automatic. To fix this you need to go to [Start] - [Run] - type in "services.msc" . The services applet will now be shown. DoubleClick the DCOM Server Process Launcher and set the Startup Type to "Automatic" - Click the Start-button (in the Services-applet for this DCOM... service) to regain the functionality right away.

By soeren nissen

spent hours on the phone with customer support, disconnected 3 times...HP and Microsoft customer support SUCKS!!!! Finally found your website and got the answer I was looking for in a minute.... Thank you!!!

By debbie gruelle