The following code demonstrates how to parse a html file looking for

Begin Tag

End Tag

Raw Text

The following routine demonstrates how to parse a html file.

I welcome feed back to improve the routine, if you have any suggestions/hints please let me know.


Si Carter

---------------- BEGIN CODE BLOCK ------------------------

unit HTMLParse;



    Purpose: Parse a html file to extract tags and plain text.

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    any developer for private, open source or commercial applications.

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      FastStrings from


      See for demo usage.



uses Classes, FastStringFuncs, FastStrings;


  TTagType = (ttBeginTag, ttEndTag, ttRawText);

  THTMLParseProc = procedure(const HTMLData: string; TagType: TTagType;

    Parameters: TStrings);

procedure ParseHTML(const HTML: string; ParseProc: THTMLParseProc);


uses SysUtils;


  (* NOTE: download the file below, the following codes are wrong when

 displayed in a browser like this :-) *)

  THTMLReplaceWords: array[0..4] of array[0..1] of string = ((' ', ' '),

    ('&', '&'), ('<', '<'), ('>', '>'), ('"', '"'));

procedure ParseHTML(const HTML: string; ParseProc: THTMLParseProc);

  procedure CallTagProc(IsTag: Boolean; HTMLData: string);


    s: string;

    sl: TStringList;

    I: Integer;


    HTMLData := Trim(HTMLData);

    if Length(HTMLData) > 0 then


      if IsTag then


        if Pos(' ', HTMLData) > 0 then

          s := Trim(Copy(HTMLData, 1, Pos(' ', HTMLData)))


          s := Trim(HTMLData);

        sl := TStringList.Create;


          sl.Text := Trim(Copy(HTMLData, Length(s) + 1, length(HTMLData)));

          sl.Text := Trim(FastReplace(sl.Text, ';', #13));

          sl.Text := Trim(FastReplace(sl.Text, '" ', #13));

          sl.Text := Trim(FastReplace(sl.Text, '"', ''));

          if LeftStr(s, 1) = '/' then

            THTMLParseProc(ParseProc)(uppercase(s), ttEndTag, sl)


            THTMLParseProc(ParseProc)(UpperCase(s), ttBeginTag, sl);




      end else


        for I := 0 to 4 do

          HTMLData := FastReplace(HTMLData, THTMLReplaceWords[I, 0],

            THTMLReplaceWords[I, 1]);

        THTMLParseProc(ParseProc)(HTMLData, ttRawText, nil);





  s: string;

  P: PChar;



  P := PChar(HTML);

  s := '';

  while P^ <> #0 do


    case P^ of



          CallTagProc(False, s);

          s := '';




          CallTagProc(True, s);

          s := '';



      s := s + P^;

    end; //case





---------------- END CODE BLOCK ------------------------


Source File: HTMLParse.pas


All tested using D6.


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