Getting the look of a Bold Navigator with TButtons

The Bold Navigator button graphics are available as bitmaps that can be used on regular buttons.

The Bold navigator control is handy, but it doesn't take focus the way regular buttons do, which can make keyboard navigation difficult in some situations. In places where it makes sense to use regular buttons, the graphics used on the navigator can be used for the button glyph for a uniform look:

TForm1 = class( TForm )

    btnAdd: TBitBtn;

    btnDel: TBitBtn;




uses BoldCommonBitmaps;

procedure TForm1.FormCreate( Sender: TObject );


   btnAdd.NumGlyphs := 2;

   btnDel.NumGlyphs := 2;

   btnAdd.Glyph := bmpBoldNavigatorInsert;

   btnDel.Glyph := bmpBoldNavigatorDelete;



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