Tips for ModelMaker users

A few tips for using ModelMaker as your modeller for Bold.

Edit the file BoldMMTagDefs.XML file in your ModelMaker\bin folder.

1) Change the default from False to True for AllowNull

<TagDefinition tag="Bold.AllowNULL" type="Boolean" default="True" />

Creating a DB will use NOT NULL for an attribute with AllowNull = False, but when you evolve the DB after setting AllowNull = True it will not remove the constraint. I AllowNull by default, and just add a constraint like so

Name required: name.Length > 0


Change the default from 255 to 32 (or something more appropriate)

<TagDefinition tag="Bold.Length" type="Integer" default="32" />

Typically I allow 32 chars for company names, etc. When the Length is 255 I always have to change it (I never have 255 char columns), but when it is 32 I have to change it a lot less often.


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