How To Keep Homeschool Records

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Keeping Homeschool records are one of the most important jobs a homeschooling parent can do.  Homeschooling records show the parent how much progress the children have made.  Homeschooling records also prove readiness levels to any school or college the child might want to attend in the future.  

There are several approaches to keeping homeschool records.  There are numerous websites, record keeping software options, binders and forms available.  You can purchase these on the internet, at homeschool conventions, and from educational supply stores. 

Regardless of how popular a homeschool record program is, it is no good unless it is simple to use.  This simple approach will keep your records in order with little effort.

  1. Purchase a case of 1" binders from an office supply store.  They should cost approximately $2.00 each.  You will also need subject dividers.
  2. Purchase a three or single-hole punch.  Single-hole punches are inexpensive, but seem to disappear, so you may want to purchase a few.
  3. Keep plenty of loose-leaf and printer paper on hand.
  4. Using one notebook per quarter (about six weeks), per child, organize the notebook according to subject.  You should use four notebooks per child per school year.
  5. As the child does work, put it in the notebook according to subject, with the most recent work on top. Work done on loose-leaf will go directly into the notebook, and any work done on the computer can be printed, hole-punched, and put into the notebook as well.
  6. At the end of each quarter, look through the notebook and record grades and write assessments.
  7. Put your assessment sheets as well as any attendance sheets and state reports in the front of the notebook.
  8. At the end of the year, you can put the assessment papers, standardized tests, and other required records in a separate notebook with final grade information.

You can see that this is a very simplistic one day at a time approach to record keeping.  You can adjust this method to fit your needs, for example:

  • If you do all of your homeschooling on the computer, and prefer to keep records that way, you can do a similar approach by saving work in a series of "folders" on the computer.  At the end of the year, you can save all the work to a disk.
  • Record field trips on scrapbook pages using photos and add them to the notebook.
  • You can remove assignments from the workbook and put them in a binder, or store the workbooks in a separate binder or box and file them with the binders at the end of the year.


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