How To Find Home Schooling Materials and Resources

Home schooling materials and resources are abundantly available in every area of life and academia.  There are hundreds of resources with new resources becoming available everyday.  Use these tips to find home schooling material resources for yourself and your children. 

  1. Go to home schooling conventions:  You will very likely be bombarded with an astronomical amount of information at home schooling conventions.  Bring a small rolling suitcase for information and items you may want to buy immediately.  You will also need to bring a notebook to write down things you want to investigate further.
  2. Search the Internet:  Do an internet search for "free (subject) resource".  You will be sure to find what you need with a little patience.  You will want to look past the first pages for newer and little-known information.
  3. Join email lists and newsletters:  Get on the email lists for local and national email groups.  You may want to get a separate free email address to use for these subscriptions.  You will learn about local plays, museum offerings, contests, and private lessons as well.
  4. Subscribe to magazines:  Homes chool magazines and periodicals will keep you abreast of new happenings in the home schooling community.  In addition to home schooling magazines, you will also want to get general teacher and education periodicals as well.
  5. Join Internet home schooling and educational organizations:  Get home schooling news, legal information, and other information as soon as it is available.
  6. Use word of mouth:  Speak to other home schoolers regularly.  Let them know what you need for your children.  Ask them to notify you if they come across it.
  7. Read books:  Purchase or borrow several newly written books on home schooling each year.  Many home schooling books include a resource section.
  8. Think outside of the box:  All resources that are good for home schoolers are not created for home schoolers.  Look for general educational and teaching information.  Look for scouts and sport groups, and dance lessons as well.  Approach sports organizations and activity coordinators about adding a daytime slot to their schedules.  If enough home school friends are interested, you will have no problem securing such a situation.

Some resources you will want to watch for include:

  • Basic information for new home schoolers
  • Home school organization information and planners
  • Support group information and conferences
  • Home schooling product reviews
  • Free items for home schoolers
  • Free lessons and unit studies
  • National and local academic and artistic contests
  • Educator discounts
  • Worksheets
  • Community sports activities
  • Community and YMCA classes
  • Home organization and quick meal ideas (to give you more time for teaching and learning)


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