How To Meet Teacher Expectations in Private Schools

All teachers, whether at a private or public school, have high expectations for all students. Studies have shown that teachers who set high expectations for their students will have a higher achieving class as a result. Here are some suggestions to meet expectations of teachers at private schools.

  1. Find out what the expectations are for you. How are you going to meet those expectations if you don't know what they are? Just ask the teacher what is expected of you and the rest of the class both behavior-wise and academically. Showing this initiative by asking your teachers proves you are taking your education seriously and your teachers will appreciate that.
  2. Set goals. Once you know what is expected of you, sit down and write some personal goals in order to meet those expectations. Make them clear and measurable so you can gauge if you have met them or need to work harder. Be sure to write them down and read them occasionally to make sure you are on the right track.
  3. Work on the most important expectations first. If you have more than one area to improve in order to meet the expectations, just choose one at a time to work on. Don't stress out if you can't meet all expectations right away. This could be a process that takes awhile, but as long as you are consistently trying, you will accomplish your goals.
  4. Meet deadlines and keep up with homework. All teachers expect their students to be responsible enough to get their assignments done and turned in on time. Most likely, one of the basic expectations of your teachers is that you will follow directions without having to be reminded too many times. Do assignments to the best of your abilities. Teachers want you to reach your potential. That starts by doing your best and the growth will follow. Blowing off homework, letting someone else do all the work, or only doing some of it will not meet your teacher's expectations. While some homework or projects may seem like only busy work, your teachers have reasons for assigning it, even if it isn't clear to you. Trust that they know what they are doing and in the end it will help you learn something.

The bottom line is to just do your work to the best of your abilities. Turn everything in on time and do not cause problems in class with your behavior. That is the main way to meet private school teachers' expectations and fully utilize the advantages of private school.


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