How To Find Home School Forms and Worksheets

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To home school effectively and legally, several home school forms are necessary.  Forms are generally required by the state and local school district, in addition to being useful in getting your home school organized.  Home school worksheets are a valuable asset to any curriculum; worksheets allow you to reinforce lessons.  These steps will help you find all the home school forms and worksheets you will need.

  1. To get the home school forms required by the local government to make your homeschooling practices legal, acquire them from the local public school district, the local home school association or on the Internet.  Home School Legal Defense Association can point you to the home school forms you will need for your state.
  2. To get other home school forms, like various calendars, chore charts, home school lesson plans, etc., for personal and home school use, you can acquire them online or in books written by other home schoolers.  You can borrow these home schooling books at the library and reproduce the forms, purchase them at bookstores, or do a search for the specific form you need. (i.e. do a Google search for "sample home school organizer").
  3. Worksheets are a great way to reinforce a home school lesson, or to review to determine retention of a subject.  You can download free worksheets online from numerous websites.  My favorites are Math, AplusMath, EdHelper, and SchoolDiscovery.
  4. I like to do a Google search to get the specific worksheet I want.  Some common Google searches I use are "spelling grade 3 worksheet," "nature home schooling worksheets," "roman number worksheets" and phrases of that sort.
  5. Sometimes it is easier to purchase workbooks.  Workbooks are simply worksheets organized by grade and in order of difficulty.  If you know the subject material, a workbook is all you need to teach a curriculum.  Just introduce a new concept, and then assign workbook pages for practice.
  6. Check out the dollar store:  I have found excellent single chapter workbooks, usable for home schooling, at the dollar store on subjects like multiplication, fractions, penmanship, spelling, and more.  For under $5.00, you can also find grade level workbooks for individual subjects like math and spelling at your local drugs store or discount department store.
  7. One thing you need to remember when home schooling is that you are technically a teacher.  So do not forget to visit teacher supply stores and websites.  For a listing of free teachers' websites, type "sites for teachers" in your search engine.  You will find thousands of free worksheets on teacher resource websites that you can use in your home school. 


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