How To Serve in Campus Ministries

Serving in campus ministries can be a wonderful way to meet new people on your campus. You also will get the opportunity to see if working in a ministry may be something that would work for your life after college. When you decide to get involved, you should begin by deciding what area of ministry appeals most to you. Then you can begin your search for the right ministry for you. 

  1. Write down your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to ministry-related tasks. Are you good with young people? Then perhaps working with local elementary school children would work. Are you better behind the scenes? In that case, the food pantry may need someone to assist with sorting and inventory.

  • Look at your goals for campus ministry. Perhaps you want to do something just to serve others. Some people plan to go into a life of ministry and use campus ministry opportunities to learn the ins and outs of serving God full-time. Know how you plan to use campus ministries so that you can get the most out of the opportunity and provide the most for others as well.
  • Determine which campus ministry program is the best fit for you by visiting several ministries. Go to a few meetings to feel everyone out. See where you feel most comfortable.
  • Go to a meeting of the campus ministry programs that interest you. Get a feel for the activities that the group does and find out about how the group works. Some will use committees more heavily than others, for example, so spend some time getting to know the makeup of the group's organizational structure.
  • Start by volunteering for something small. You may want to spend a Saturday helping build the Habitat for Humanity house that the group is sponsoring. Perhaps you could offer to be on the cleaning committee to help after meetings.
  • Once you know that you are committed to the group, begin to increase the amount you volunteer. If you've worked a day on that Habitat house, then you may want to offer to organize one day's group of volunteers.
  • Create your own opportunities when needed. Sometimes you may need to offer your services. Perhaps you are an excellent guitarist, but there is no band playing music at meetings. You could set that up. Don't be afraid to let others know how you feel you serve best and ask for additional responsibility.

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