How To Find an Online Tutor

Whether you need a tutor for your child or for yourself, finding one can be a daunting process. If you live in a rural location, it can be particularly difficult to locate a quality tutor in your vicinity for the subjects that you need. Hiring an online tutor can help eliminate this problem. An online tutor often works from her home and will communicate with you via the computer or sometimes the telephone. This opens the door to a wider range of tutors, therefore making it easier for you to locate the right tutor for you or your child.

  1. Figure out what you are looking for. Before you start your search for an online tutor, you need to decide what type of tutor you are looking for. Make a list of what subject(s) you need a tutor for and write down the qualities that you are looking for in an online tutor. Also decide on the maximum price you are willing to pay. Most tutors charge per hour and this can range from anywhere to $20-$200 an hour. Keep in mind that you usually do get what you pay for.
  2. Locate a tutor from a tutoring site. There are some companies that hire tutors and train them on their tutoring software. You pay the company and then the company pays the tutor. This is a great way to hire a tutor because you know that the tutors have been through some sort of screening process (this varies by site) and should be trained. A few great tutoring sites are Educate Online/Sylvan,, and Brainfuse. Most of the tutoring sites out there are geared toward children.
  3. Locate an individual tutor. If you decide to hire an individual tutor, you will be dealing with that tutor directly. You will agree on the fee and the scheduling for your sessions. You can locate a tutor by visiting a major cities classified section on the Internet and finding an ad that signifies that the tutor is an online tutor. Craigslist is also an excellent place to look for a tutor.
  4. Interview your tutor. Do not just hire a tutor based on their fee. You need to either email them some questions or interview them over the phone. You need to make sure that they are able to communicate well because it is vital that their written communication is excellent to excel as an online tutor. You need to ask about their fees, cancellation policies, and experience. It's also a good idea to ask for references. You will get a great idea about what type of tutor this is by talking to some of her former clients.
  5. Communicate with your tutor. After you have decided on a tutor and hired her, it's important to keep communicating with this tutor. Make sure that this tutor understands your needs and is making the most of your time together. If you feel like the tutor is not right for you, then it may be time to let this tutor go and find another one that will fit your needs better.

Finding an online tutor can be a daunting task but once you have found a great tutor, it will all be worthwhile. A good online tutor will work with you and help you meet your educational goals.


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