How To Join a Bible School

The Bible is a complicated read, often hard to understand to someone who wishes to learn its contents.  This is why so many people seek to learn about the information by joining Bible school.  What people may not realize is just how many different options there are out there for them when wishing to learn more about the Bible.

  1.  A traditional Bible school is one that is offered through a church, and often times offered during the summer for young children.  However, there are more than just vacation Bible school opportunities, especially for young people wishing to learn more about the Bible.  Many churches offer classes year-round for young people -- classes that teach about different books of the Bible, different people from the Bible and how the Bible should be interpreted.  These classes are most often held at the church itself or in small groups at someone's home.  Churches often advertise these groups on their websites or the newspaper.  You can also find out more information just by calling.  The best part is you don't have to be a member of the church, most often, to join a church Bible group.  If you are interested in a group, you can attend their meetings by simply calling before you plan to attend to let the host know to expect you.
  2. Another way to learn about the Bible without joining an actual church group -- let's face it, not everyone enjoys getting together with others and sharing their insights about something as complicated as the Bible -- is to take an Internet class.  Yes, you read that right, even the Internet has classes that teach about the Bible.  The best part?  Many of these are free!  If you have access to a computer, and have time to spend reading the Bible on your own and answering questions over the readings, then an online course may be for you.  Of course, if you are not over 18, you must get your parent's permission to do so.  Joining an Internet course is easy -- you simply log on the site, download the lesson to your computer and save it.  Then you read each chapter as instructed while answering questions from the lesson.  Afterward, return to the website and submit your answers for review.  You can do this for as many or as few lessons as you wish.  Check out Bible Study Lessons for an example of a great site offering free Bible school. 
  3. Night class is also a great way to learn about the Bible.  If you want to study the Bible, but are hesitant to participate in a church study or don't feel that an Internet lesson is best for you, why not try taking a night class?  It won't likely interfere with your work schedule.  Often, community colleges offer classes that study the Bible that you can take to further your knowledge of it.  Very often, there will be a fee to join a class like this, but it may be worth it if you would rather learn about the Bible in a setting in which you don't feel like you must constantly be sharing information.  This type of class may have a more educational feel to it than the others that are small groups in a church or a home study; you may favor the more strictly academic approach of a local community college Bible class.

There are several ways out there for people to join a Bible school.  Which one is right for you?


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