How To Understand the Benefits of All Girls Schools

For those considering attending an all-girls school, the evidence is clear. According to a twenty-year study conducted on 270,000 students in Australia, the results indicated that students in same sex schools performed anywhere from fifteen to twenty-two points higher on standardized tests than those students who attended co-ed schools. A similar study conducted in England in 2001 agreed that girls who attended an all-girls school excelled in the classroom and in other areas of their lives.

  1. Teaching Methods-It's no secret that boys and girls process information differently. Because of this, it only makes sense that they must be taught using different methods of instruction. Unfortunately, time after time, studies have shown that teachers respond differently toward boys and girls. In fact, there is a marked difference in a teacher's behavior and response to a male student as opposed to a female student. In study after study, it was noted that boys were called upon up to eight times more than girls. In fact, boys typically dominate classroom discussions, and teachers spend more time praising, encouraging and helping males over females in a co-ed classroom. What does this information mean?
  2. Academic Excellence-When boys are taken out of the picture, girls begin to excel academically. In an all-female class, the girls don't have to compete with the boys for attention, recognition and assistance. Instead, girls are able to relish in their freedom to be the best in the academic world without the distractions and competition of males.
  3. Leadership-Co-ed schools often choose male students for leadership positions. Male sports teams usually receive more funding, more participation, and more support from the student body, faculty, and even the community, leaving many female participants out in the cold. An all girls school provides numerous opportunities for girls to take on leadership positions both in the classroom and on the playing field. These leadership roles will not only benefit girls throughout their academic careers but also follow them into their world beyond the school walls.
  4. Negative Influences-One of the most prominent benefits pertaining to an all girls school involves the lack of harmful influences in female students' lives. With the influx of sexual harassment and the often negative portrayal of women in the media, an all girls school provides a relief from the day to day problems that can occur in a co-ed educational environment.
  5. Career Success-Students who have successfully graduated from an all girls school have gone on to become political leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other successful young women. Many of these women have attributed their success in life to the fact that they attended an all girls school and received opportunities and recognition that might have been denied them in a co-ed environment.


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I totally agree with the writer. I would like to add that, while I studied in coeducational insitutions, I noticed that after age 13, girls focus their extra time and energies on the boys in their school - developing crushes, friendships and relationships that do not last. As a result, they lose focus on studies. A lot of eyeing and staring starts during teenage, dressing up for, and looking at, the cute guy in class. These teenage infatuations affect studies of both boys and girls.

By Sadaf Farooqi