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As you begin searching for that perfect internship, you may find that you face stiff competition for a coveted position within a company or corporation. How can you beat out the other applicants and win that internship? Your resume is a good place to begin.

  1. First Impressions. Often, the first impression that a potential employer will form of you as an intern is through your resume. With this in mind, you'll want your internship resume to stand out. An internship resume is much like a typical employment resume. You'll need to state an employment objective, provide information about your academic career and background, include a copy of your transcript and GPA, list your employment history, and provide references. While you may have access to all of this information, you still need to know how to present it in a uniform and organized manner. It's important to construct your resume in such a way that employers will want to read it. Finding sample internship resumes can help you accomplish this goal.
  2. Internet. You may not realize it, but you have a large selection of internship resumes at your fingertips if you just scour the Internet. Some websites will not only provide you with examples of internship resumes, but also tell you step-by-step how to write your resume, giving tips on concise wording and organization as well. Some sites offer free resume templates in a variety of formats, such as chronological, functional, and technical. You simply plug in your personal information and print out the resume.
  3. University Career Resource Office. Because your university's or college's career services department is in the business of helping their graduates seek internships and employment after graduation, they are a key resource for finding sample internship resumes. Most career department officers are very adept at reading and critiquing resumes for their graduates. They may offer books on loan or free pamphlets on internship resume writing as well.
  4. Alumni Associations. Most university's have an active alumni association. Many of the alumni who are involved in these associations are now business and community leaders. They may be able to offer sample resumes that they have on file at their businesses or companies, and they may offer copies of these to graduates. They may even include a detailed description of why or why not a particular internship resume is acceptable.
  5. Libraries. Either your local public library or your university's library should offer a great selection of internship resume samples for you to peruse. Larger libraries may have resume books divided according to fields of study, allowing the user a more definitive approach to writing an excellent resume.
  6. Employers. Finally, even if employers aren't interested in providing internships at the particular time you are applying, they may be kind enough to offer you resume samples for you to use as examples when writing your own resume. Talk with employers about what they typically look for in a resume, and ask them to look over your resume and make helpful suggestions that will improve your chances of landing that perfect internship in the future.


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