How To Find Summer Jobs Abroad

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Summer's here and the time is right for...getting out of the country and working for a few months abroad. Whether you're a college student, a recent grad, or just a person in a specific field looking for a change of pace, working abroad for a summer can be a great, eye-opening experience. How do you find work abroad for a summer? Here are some places where you can look.

  1. Consult on-hand career experts. Finding a summer job abroad can sometimes start close to home. If you're at college, your campus career counseling center probably has listings for summer jobs abroad. You might also be able to get leads from professors, study-abroad advisors or students just back from foreign study. All of these people are right on-hand. Just reach out and find out what they can offer you. If you're working or interning at a big company, your Human Resources department might also have internal listings for jobs overseas. They can also help you figure out if you can apply for these jobs.
  2. Look online. Online resources for foreign summer jobs are plentiful. Of course, as with anything sight unseen, you don't want to sign anything, pay for anything or, especially, leave for anywhere, before you do your homework. Many companies offering work abroad are completely "legit" and offer references, in-depth, verifiable program information, on-site supervisors to help you once you land - or at least some provisions for your safety once you get there. Many are attached to reputable companies, recruiting firms or schools. Just be careful and check with the Better Business Bureau, work-abroad message boards or even legal sources like the State Department website, to make sure there aren't any complaints against the organization you're considering.
  3. Check with foreign exchange student programs. There are many foreign exchange programs out there, and some of them may offer work experiences along with or instead of educational experiences. Check with groups working in the country where you wish to travel and see if they offer any work opportunities along with classes. They may not, but they may be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. Contact companies. Another way to find summer jobs abroad is to contact companies that work overseas and ask about what jobs, paid internships or even unpaid internships they might offer people for the summer. You never know; they may have special projects needing extra help. They may have outreach programs designed specifically for future employees like yourself. Check with the Human Resources department at companies operating where you want to work and see what happens.
  5. Take the show on the road, or the high seas. Anyone who has been on a cruise knows cruise ship employees visit many international ports of call. If you are interested in working abroad in a variety of different places during the summer, contacting a cruise line's HR department or visiting their HR website may be a good way to get such a job. You may not have the same experience as someone living in a foreign country for three or four months solid, but you will still get to see new places and cultures while making some money.

Working abroad for a summer can be an experience you remember for a lifetime. If you're really interested in this experience, look into it further and don't pass up your chance to see another corner of the world up close.


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