How To Find the Best International Medical School Programs

If you are currently in med school, recently graduated with a medical degree, or are planning to pursue further studies in medicine, you are probably wondering about where you can find the best medical school programs. Listed below are the top ranked Medical Schools: 

1. Harvard University. Harvard Medical School is the world's leading medical school. HMS develops a solid general base in medicine through an engaging and continually innovative curriculum. Their classroom sessions are highly interactive and use an investigative and problem-based approach to medical treatments and diagnoses.

  • Year I in HMS focuses on human physiology and biomedical sciences.
  • Year II is centered on the study of pathophysiology.
  • Year III and Year IV are the clinical years. Medical students practice what they have learned in the classrooms through practical applications of skills acquired during the earlier two years.

2. John Hopkins University. John Hopkins School of Medicine's mission is being able to educate graduate students, medical students, and postdoctoral students in line with the highest professional standards.

  • Admissions. Applicants who are attending colleges with premedical advisors or committees are required to send letters of recommendation to the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • Credentials. Students studying in JHSM have superb academic credentials. Their ranks include artists, musicians, social activists and athletes. Students, who study at John Hopkins are passionate for medicine, passionate in science and learning, dedicated to service and committed.

3. Stanford University. It is Stanford's mission to develop and direct their students' skills and passion so they can become outstanding clinicians or doctors. Some of the goals of Stanford are:

  • Assure excellence in clinical medicine.
  • Develop effective communication skills with patients, colleagues, and the public.
  • Promote ethical and moral behavior, the humane and caring practice of medicine.

What does it take to become a medical student in these top ranking medical schools? It can be summed up in one word, PASSION. A student wanting to pursue a medical career needs passion, not only about gaining knowledge but also about helping others.  

So what is it really like in medical school? Each medical school has different curricula, and many have changed over the years. But generally this is how a medical program works: the students' first two years in medical school would be studies in basic sciences such as anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology and pharmacology. This also includes studies in behavioral sciences. After the two years, you'd be going into hospitals and various clinics in order to observe and work with experienced doctors. This way you would learn how to take care of patients. The final years in medicine would be continued contact with doctors and patients in actual clinical settings. Medical school lasts for four years. After graduating from medical school, your next three to seven years would be spent in residency in which you would gain more experience and expertise in your chosen field of specialty.

These medical schools mentioned above have excellent medical programs that could help you become the doctor you wish to be. You need to remember that getting into medical school also would mean that you attend an undergraduate school and have an above average GPA.


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