How To Find Best University Science Library Facilities

When one thinks of libraries, one thinks of books upon books upon dust of books. However, there are times when such stereotypes are not true. Many schools like UC Berkeley, Harvard, Brown, and many other Ivy League schools have wonderful library facilities, especially their College of Science libraries. These libraries need to be equipped with the latest in books, journals, and even laboratory equipment so their students can be on the cutting edge, with the multitude of books, several librarians with high library degrees in information science and science media. Although many respectable institutions of higher learning have large libraries and armies of librarians to staff them, what are some of the best University Libraries with regard to Science Libraries?

  1. Brown University. The Brown University Sciences Library is located at 201 Thayer Street, Providence, Rhode Island. They support the study of the pure sciences like Mathematics and Physics, the medical sciences like Medicine and Psychology, and the earth sciences like Geology. They have eJournals for all their branches of science, boasting 40,000 sources from 150 countries. Their Head Librarian, Frank Kellerman, can be contacted through the website where an AIM widget is seen. They have databases for both Applied and Pure Mathematics like their American Mathematical Society Online Catalog, Zentralblatt Math Database, and the MathSciNet database for applied mathematics. For Geological Studies, they have GeoRef, Science Direct, a comprehensive index of MicroPaleontology, and a Mineralogical Abstract database. For their Medical Sciences like Psychology, they have PsycARTICLES, PubMed, PsycInfo, and a list of Linguistics-Behavior Abstracts.
  2. Harvard Science Libraries. The oldest and probably the most famous institute of higher learning in the United States has more than enough clout to claim that their library is in fact, well stocked, updated, and pioneering. Their Science Library dabbles in everything from General Science to Zoology, from Anthropology to Horticulture. They have several catalogues available online and on campus. For example, their General Science Catalogue, the Cabot Science Library, offers 160,000 reference materials and extensive readings. For their Countway Library of Medicine catalogue, it gives a comprehensive 210,000 book titles and 3,000 journal titles with great references. The Harvard Forest Library features 24,500 volumes and 150 periodicals. For Anthropology, the Tozzer Library offers and covers all subfields of anthropology. From Archeology to Social Anthropology, from Cultural Anthropology to Medical Anthropology respectively.
  3. Yale University. Another Ivy League school, the Yale University library offers a Rare Book and Manuscript Library online, a China Christian Colleges Library, an extensive Law Library which includes the debates of the Federal Convention of 1787, which was reported by James Madison, Nuremberg trial materiel, diplomatic treatises between the United States and Europe and Jefferson’s works, among others.

There is hardly anyone in the country who has gone through higher-level education and not gone to the library. You also know that being there is sometimes frustrating, especially for finding a good book source or reference that you need, especially if it’s the last one. As Library and Information Science as a viable course grows, the applications of which are passed down to the libraries itself, helping students, faculty, researchers, and even alumni in their quest for greater, and higher, education.


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