College & University

Navigating the higher education system can seem overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t need to be! Lots of information is available to alleviate your concerns and help you make the most of your college experience.

Whether you are applying to an undergraduate institution, an MBA university, or another post graduate college program, you can learn how to find the program and type of institution that is right for you and how to increase your chances for success as an applicant in our section devoted to College Applications.

College students can learn how to take advantage of university courses and other school resources, how to explore and discover their academic passions, how to manage the rigors of a college curriculum, and how to make the transition to the working world under College Survival.

Higher education can be expensive, but the lifetime increase in earnings often outweighs the immediate costs of tuition bills. For students whose schools want payment a bit sooner, learn how you can pay for school and how to find loans to help cover the costs of college tuition and expenses in our Preparation section.

Many students choose to study abroad for a portion of their college career, and the experience can be very fulfilling. Learn whether a study abroad program is right for you, how to prepare for the experience, how to transition to life in another country, and how to transition back to your college life under Studying Abroad.

Whatever your age, stage of life, type of institution, or area of study, higher education can be personally, socially and financially rewarding. Find out how to plan and prepare in order to make the most of your college or university experience.

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