Artwork covers the dining room wall, and writing assignments paper the refrigerator. A closet overflows with construction paper, markers, crayons, tape and glitter. At the back of the freezer, jars of frozen bugs await mounting, and a Ziploc bag with a homemade comet lives with the planet made from bread dough. A basket of library books explodes into a living room already invaded by toys. All hail the great chaotic mess of the K-12 years!

All parents are concerned with properly ushering their children through their educational years. They must choose the best schools and school formats for their children, and the right schools for their budgets. They want good relationships with teachers and administrators, and want to maximize any community resources for education.

Students worry about mastering the material and studying hard. They hope that somewhere in endless cyberspace, someone will help them finally understand difficult homework concepts. They want to find a quick essay, research paper topic and a great science project.

Teachers want to present the material in more original ways. They dream up great assignments, and then wonder about logistics. They see a technology-dependent workplace, and wonder about adapting their schools and classrooms. They struggle to reach their difficult students, and stress about meeting state and federal Department of Education standards.

Families which participate in homeschooling worry about knowing their rights. They also wonder about finding opportunities for their children, and sometimes feel marooned on homeschool island. They want to find innovative ways to present material and want to ensure they are maximizing the homeschool format.

Parents, students, teachers and homeschoolers: do not fear! Here we address these topics and many others. We have everything you need. With hundreds of K-12 education articles, great advice and helpful tips are only a click away. So, go ahead - click away!

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