How To Find Child Programs in Psychology School

Psychology degrees are very popular choices for students in colleges and universities. There are psychology programs that offer a wide range of specializations, and you can get online degrees in many specialties.

Among the many available specializations is child psychology. It is one of the branches of psychology education and deals with the study of the child's mental process and behaviors. A child psychologist should have a Master's or a PhD degree in order to practice. The child psychologist's job is to resolve these inner issues to help the child live better.

To become a child psychologist, you have to get a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. You can choose from a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Once you have graduated, you need to take up Master of Arts studies. This should take four years to complete. Then, get your PhD degree. Once you get your license, you can begin your practice. Child psychologists usually have their own private practices. They can also be employed in colleges as professors or researchers. Because of the level of specialization, child psychologists have generous paychecks. If you are working in schools, you could earn up to $70,000 annually. Those with a private practice have set up their own rates, thus they are considerably higher paid.

Another child program in psychology education is Applied Child Psychology. This is also known as School Psychology. This is another specialized area of work that involves applied theories, research and clinical expertise. One framework used is the Boulder (Scientist-Practitioner) model. Like other specializations, it also needs a doctoral degree (PhD). But the transition from Master's degree to a doctoral degree will not be as difficult. The MA graduate needs to submit a copy of his grades in order to have them checked. If he has passed requirements, he will be asked to submit an online application that should be done before the PhD programs starts. After the PhD program and practicum, students will be required to render internship for a year. The goal of this psychology program is to foster competency among practicing professionals to understand children's behavior better for health and well-being.  

On the other hand, Counseling Psychology is another kind of applied psychology program which aims to promote one-on-one counseling as a means of therapy. It infuses formal training with a good interpersonal relationship between doctor and patient. Here, therapists work hand-in-hand with the patient to help them sort out their pent-up emotions. The counseling psychologist uses probing skills to correctly identify and diagnose the patient's mental health. The goal of the program is to alleviate mental suffering through interpersonal interaction. Unlike clinical psychology, counseling psychology is more focused on less serious mental disorders. The illnesses that it aims to treat are mostly social by nature. The death of a loved one, eating problems, post-traumatic stress illness and anxiety are some of the issues that a counseling psychologist seeks to resolve.


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