How To Find Colleges for Specialized Animal Care Courses

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Whether you're planning to be a part of pet boarding, dog pound, cat care, pet rescue, or holistic veterinary, you will still have to take an animal care course. Being a specialist in your field will not only turn your passion for animals into a profession but will also give you an unbeatable edge in the sea of many competitors.

Fortunately, you can get the best training and education so your qualifications will fit the most popular clinic that offers top-of-the-line pet services. Most of all, there are colleges that open their doors to distance learning. In other words, you can start making your dream a reality without leaving your house. Here are some online schools offering courses in specialized animal care:

  • Ashworth College - This college is one of the best online college schools. What's more is that they are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council as well as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. With Ashworth College, you can enroll in the animal care course you want and start studying right away. They allow students to make their own study schedule. They will also provide you with one student advisor who you can reach through phone or email. Most of all, they offer one of the cheapest and most flexible payment schemes for college courses.
  • Stonebridge Associated Colleges - This college promises "truly personal, efficient and professional service." They are based in the United Kingdom but have students from all over the world.
  • Delmar Learning - Not only students but also business owners and professionals are the target market of this educational institution. The best about this learning center is that they will provide you the best books, videos, software and other training materials so you can get the best of animal care education to the fullest.
  • Penn Foster Career School - Low tuition fee, reliability, support, and convenience are said to be the benefits of choosing this career school. They are also nationally accredited and recognized by the Middle States Commission of Secondary Schools, Distance Education and Training Council, and Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. The most amazing thing about Penn Foster is that their training methods have been used by Ford, US Steel, DOW Chemicals, Xerox, and IBM in training their own employees. They could teach you the same effective methods for animal care, too.
  • Stratford Career Institute - The school claimed to have more than one million students all over the world. This career institute is also one of the pioneers of online or distance learning. With that, they promise you a convenient and flexible schedule, affordable education fee, and reliable support.

Before enrolling in any of these, make sure that you qualify to take a specialized animal care course. In most states, a high school diploma is required before you will be accepted to any online training school. But after that, you will surely be able to competitively provide companionship for animals, training, clinic supervision, render services like beauty and grooming, habitat, and elementary medical care.

By taking specialized animal care courses, your qualifications will surely be more than what the pet boarding, dog pound, cat care, pet rescue, and holistic veterinary places require. Of course, the complete edge you will have against other specialists will also depend upon your hard work, passion and determination.


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