How To Find Assistive Technology Programs

Assistive technology refers to the different devices and services that are available for people who have disabilities. It helps disabled people to do things that they normally could not do. These assistive technology devices help the disabled live an easier and more normal life. The technology used helps them to do tasks by themselves. This makes them more independent as they do not always have to depend on someone.

Some examples of assistive technology devices are Braille reading materials, text to speech programs, wheelchairs, prosthetics and more. There are various colleges that offer assistive technology programs for those who want to gain information on assistive technology and help people with disabilities.

These are some of the schools that provide collegiate assistive technology programs:

  1. Northridge California State University. This school will launch two master’s degree programs in assistive technology education. These programs will be available in the Spring of 2010. The programs are Assistive and Rehabilitative Technology or ATR and Assistive Technology and Human Services or ATHS. Enrolling in the ATR program will help you to design and create different assistive devices. ATHS will help you learn about the latest information that you can use to help in assisting with disabled people.
  2. Simmons College of Arts and Sciences. This college has a graduate program in Assistive Special Education Technology. This course is for people who want to specialize in both assistive and adaptive technology. This is best for educators who want to concentrate on teaching disabled people. There are two degrees for you to choose from. The first one is the Education Specialist and the second is the Master of Science in Education.
  3. Northern Arizona University Extended Campuses. This university offers a Certificate in Assistive Technology. This course focuses on developing the skills of the students in order for them to provide the best services and education for people with disabilities. After this course, you can take a national credential exam. The structure of the course is based on organizations such as the American Speech and Hearing Association.
  4. University of Wisconsin-Stout. You can get a Master's of Science Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation from this university. With the completion of the course, you will be prepared in helping individuals with disabilities with their physical state, cognitive skills and sensory skills. This is a solution provided to improve the skills of people dealing with disabled people.
  5. Coventry University. This university offers a degree in assistive technology. By enrolling in this course, you are going to learn the different skills to improve your knowledge and skills to help the disabled. The course can be taken part-time. Some of the modules included in the course are evidence based assistive technologies, the product development process, the wider perspective of assistive technology and more.

These are some of the colleges that offer assistive technology courses. Most of these programs are new additions to the schools’ courses and curriculum. Enrolling in this program will help improve your skills in dealing with people who have disabilities. You will improve your skills and will make life easier for them.


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