How To Find Doctoral Programs in Counseling Services

Counseling psychology or counseling services is a specialty which deals with different areas. Some of the areas touched by this specialty include the counseling process, career development, health and personality development. Other areas included in counseling psychology are sensitive topics, such as culture, ethnicity or race, identity development and sexual orientation.

Here are some online sources where you can enroll for a doctoral degree in counseling services:

  1. - This website provides a list of accredited universities that offer doctoral degrees in counseling psychology. The name of the university and the location are provided on the website. You can visit the website of these universities to be able to choose a school for you. Just follow the links that are provided on the website to be redirected to the information you want.
  2. - This website offers details on the schools that offer counseling psychology in the state of Illinois. There is also a feature on the top 3 schools that offer doctoral studies in higher education, such as counseling psychology. These 3 schools are namely, Walden University, Capella University and Argosy University. Doctoral online degrees are a great way for people who want to pursue higher education in different fields.
  3. - This is the website for Texas Tech University Department of Psychology. They offer credited doctoral programs in clinical and also in counseling psychology. Aside from this, Texas Tech University also offers different doctoral courses in social work from different departments. The U.S. News has awarded this school as America's Best Graduate School for 2009.
  4. - This is the website for Breyer State University. This university specializes in distance doctoral education. There are different courses that you can enroll in on this website. This includes counseling psychology and also online master's degree for nursing, criminal justice, education, homeland security and others.
  5. - There are different doctoral education courses that are provided on this website. Some of the examples of courses that can be found on this website are namely, Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling for Pastoral Counseling, Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling, Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling and Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling for Professional Counseling. You can get information, such as the information for each degree and the information for the school.

These are just some of the websites that offer counseling services for doctoral programs. There are other websites that you can visit to check if they offer counseling services online. There is a big advantage in taking online courses. You can usually divide your work between studying online and working. This is very helpful, especially for people who want to pursue higher education but can't afford to quit their jobs. This is also an advantage because you can choose to study in internationally credit schools without leaving your home. In looking for the right school for you, check to see if the school is credited to conduct the online course that you are going to choose.


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