How To Know Economics University Rankings

The world of economics is now more than ever of global interest. You may wonder where the best economic minds are being molded nowadays. Going over the economics university rankings before even taking an admissions test might be helpful for students like you.

A lot of institutions are offering economics studies. They have varied economics courses, and some of them even offer PhD economics as well for graduate school. Let’s take for example the Economics College of Harvard University, which not only offers undergraduate studies but a graduate school as well. 

The following presents the results of a study conducted by the RePEc Author Services.  This is based on their own database and the institutions that were registered under the Economics Departments, Institutions and Research Centers in the World or popularly known as the EDIRC. There are over 11,256 learning institutions registered in their database in 229 countries all over the world.

The Harvard University Economics Department outwits all the other institutions as they ranked No. 1 as of June 2009. They are closely followed by Princeton University and University of California-Berkeley as they ranked second and third, respectively. Next in line would be the University of Chicago as they placed fourth, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology completes the top five. Some of the institutions that made it to the top 20 and are located in the United States are the University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, Stanford University, Brown University, New York University and the University of Michigan.

Not far behind in the upper 30% of the top 142 colleges that were listed you will find Yale University, Dartmouth College, University of Maryland, John Hopkins University, Duke University, Boston College and Vanderbilt University, University of Minnesota, etc. Included among the upper 65 percent of the top colleges are University of Minnesota, University of Washington, University of Maryland, University of Notre Dame, Iowa State University, Cornell University, Clemson University, Tufts University and University of Texas-Austin.

There are also numerous universities outside of the United States that made it on the prestigious list. In the United Kingdom, Oxford University reigns superior as they rank 6th in the whole world. The University of London closely followed, as they landed on the 8th place and the University of Warwick as they ranked 19th in this study.

In Canada, the leader in Economics Studies belongs to University of Toronto as they placed 28th amongst all others. Queen’s University and the University of British Columbia, University of Western Ontario and Simon Fraser University have also made it to the list.

Across Asia, Tel Aviv University made it into the top 40 on the list. Several Asian institutions were also mentioned like the University of Tokyo and Korea University.

In Australia, a few of their institutions also succeeded in making it to the list. This includes Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Australian National University and University of New South Wales.

Belonging to a good economics university is indeed beneficial to you. Cultivating your mind would be one of the greatest assets that you can ever have, and obtaining quality education is something essential to survive in our world’s cutthroat environment.


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