How To Find the Best Foundations for US Educational Services

Education is expensive. In America, educational services are sought by students from foundations, which are providing these services. Let us find out the best foundations available in America.

  1. The Family Educational Services Central America (FESCA). FESCA is a foundation for youth. It gives training programs to enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged communities by encouraging voluntary services and incentive programs. The foundation invests in the lives of youth from disadvantaged communities. Various community service programs where FESCA is involved, includes
    • services to handicapped and disadvantaged centers
    • spreading of educational resources
    • seminars and workshops that motivate and educate the needy
    • supporting charitable institutions

  2. Alzheimer's Foundation of America. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America educates caregivers and relatives of individuals who are sick of Alzheimer disease or dementia. It hopes to raise the awareness of concerned individuals and enhance their knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses. Through the foundation's mission, best possible care of the patients is provided. The foundation supports its programs and services through the proceeds of their products. Its member organizations also benefit from the proceeds. Caregivers of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or related illnesses wholeheartedly and sincerely give their attention to their jobs and to the patients they are taking care of. The educational program they received from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America inspires their world and enhances their hope, dedication and courage. Through the step-by-step program of the foundation, the family and caregivers were able to effectively manage the medications for the patient.
  3. Craniofacial Foundation of America (CFA). A nonprofit organization, the Craniofacial Foundation of America (CFA) supports other organizations like: the Tennessee Craniofacial center at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital; and Erlanger Health System in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The CFA provides support, with dedication, to persons whose faces are disfigured. The support that is provided range from parent to parent networking, family camping, patient and family events, and educational materials for support groups. It also provides monetary assistance to patients who travel to the center for treatment and evaluation. The IRS has approved the Craniofacial Foundation of America as a charitable organization.
  4. Educational Foundation of America (EFA). The Educational Foundation of America (EFA) encourages moral sensitivity to give and the need to give. The foundation is an advocacy of change. Its founder considers heritage more than wealth measured in money. Its founder urges his children to contribute financially to the foundation to support the needy in their educational struggles. The foundation exists as an advocate of progressive change in the society and it sponsors scholars from the disadvantaged communities.

The aforementioned educational services provided by educational foundations in America are only a few of the foundations offering opportunities for schools to associate with the private sector by providing funds for innovative and creative programs. The normal school budget cannot fund innovative and creative programs for the students. Quality educational services are possible with the cooperation of these foundations serving as a legacy to the community.


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