How To Choose the Best Elective Courses in College

Once you decide on your major in college, most of your courses are preselected. However, you do have the choice of a few elective courses. Consider these tips before selecting your elective courses so that you'll choose ones that will serve you best.

Step 1

Choose courses that are in line with your chosen profession. College students most commonly choose elective courses that closely tie into their chosen professions. And there's a good case for this - potential employers will appreciate every bit of extra training and knowledge that they don't have to give you. So if you're majoring in sciences in college, select elective courses in biology, chemistry, and even physics (if you're brave!). If you're taking business, make sure you have plenty of economic, accounting, business admin and even computing courses, as you'll never know when these will come in handy in the corporate world. On the other hand, if you're majoring in kinesiology, then choose health and fitness-related electives. It makes sense to choose electives that will benefit you in your job hunt after college.

Step 2

Opt for a well-rounded education. If you find that your plate is already full of your profession-related courses, perhaps you'd enjoy college elective courses that have nothing to do with your major. Some students like to take a few ‘back up' elective courses which will serve them best in other professions, on the off-chance that they can't find a job dealing with their current major. And this is a good decision too. A well-rounded education gives you broader ‘usability' according to some employers. If you can prove your training in business but you also have courses in science, you may just win a job over those who strictly majored in business with no other interests. Maybe a course in psychology interests you, or how about astronomy? Taking a few ‘creative' electives should give you a bit of an edge in a tough job market, since any skill (basic or otherwise) is valued by employers. Plus, it may just give you that much-needed break away from the monotony of the similar courses necessary for your major.

Step 3

Choose elective courses that challenge you. A main goal with any education is to learn how to learn, and elective courses should help you do that. You're not necessarily going to remember every bit of information presented in each of your classes. But what you will do is gain better understandings about the world around you. Take elective courses that challenge your beliefs and force you to view yourself and the world around you in a different context. Take a course about another culture. Consider philosophy courses if you are considered close-minded, and why not take a languages course, like Spanish or French? If you can take elective courses that will not only serve you well, but help to challenge and develop your brain and your thinking skills, then you'll truly benefit from the course.

In general, when selecting elective courses in college, take ones that either help you with your career, your interests beyond your career, or your overall personal development.


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