How To Find a Secretarial School Online

Secretarial careers are in high demand, especially in business settings wherever you are in the world, whether in Singapore, the UK or the US. Entry-level earnings for secretarial careers are pegged at around $35,000 annually, though this can go up to about $60,000 with experience and more advanced training. You could also look into getting a part time secretarial job on top of one you already have. This option could add up to around $29,000 to your annual income.

If you value job stability and a variety of options, then a job as a secretary could be for you. Be encouraged by the fact that in most cases you wouldn't need a college degree to be a secretary. What is more important is acquiring training in relevant secretarial skills. So if you're looking into getting into a secretarial school, here are some ways to help you find one online.

  1. Start by doing some preliminary research. It's best if you start by knowing the specific options available that would best suit your circumstances and preferences. Some of the considerations you might think about include whether you want to take a basic secretarial course, or if you want to take additional secretarial instruction for further career advancement. You may also think about taking an online secretarial course, which you can access at any time you choose. This option could be best for you, especially if you're already occupied with a full-time job. Other factors you could think about include whether you would want to take a professional certificate course, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree. Secretarial skills you could expect to be trained in include office technologies, office finances and management, basics of PC application systems (such as spreadsheets and word processing), Internet basics, keyboarding, etc. Additional training you could pursue would depend on which field you are interested in working. For example, if you want to work as a medical secretary, you could benefit from training in medical procedures and pharmacology.
  2. Look up websites of secretarial schools. There are so many good secretarial schools you could choose from. One example is the Penn Foster School, which offers a professional secretary degree through online education. Other examples include the Berkeley Secretarial College in East Orange, New Jersey; Herzing University that offers an Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science program; and Executive Secretarial School in Dallas, Texas. Their phone contact numbers are also listed, so if you prefer to talk live to a person regarding the details of their courses you would know how to reach them.
  3. Search using relevant keywords. You could also go about your online search by typing in "secretarial school" using your preferred search engine and then going through the listings that come up. It's important that you have structured your secretarial course preferences (see number 1) to help you stay focused and not get distracted from the variety of options available.
  4. Browse through websites that list secretarial schools. By looking at websites that provide a list of different secretarial schools, with some of them also providing ratings and reviews as well, you would be able to more conveniently and efficiently choose your best options. One such website is You could also search through online yellow pages, such as, which lists secretarial schools by city and state, and

There you have it! Hopefully you'll have a happy time searching for that perfect secretarial school for you, depending on your preferences and situation. Good luck!


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