How To Get Free Programs for Vocational Automotive Training

Vocational automotive and technical training is equivalent to high school education. These are given by vocational-technical schools that are accredited and licensed like a regular high school. Vocational-technical schools are valued for being able to give students the opportunity to have training and competency in fields like the automotive industry even if they have not yet been able to obtain higher education.

There are vocational-technical schools that also require traditional academic subjects to go with it. Although less common, these types of training schools are provided to approximate high school academic classes. The vocational-technical training may be given as a single course or could be a program that is made up of ten or more study courses. Part-time vocational-technical schools only impart training on vocational and technical studies. Academic courses are taken in their home school. Usually, one half of a particular school year is spent studying academic courses and the remaining half of the school year is for the technical training.

Mechanic in the auto shopStudents frequently choose to study automotive technology and mechanics in vocational-technical schools. Training to be auto mechanics, the students are taught the basics of automobile maintenance and repair. Some automotive training programs specialize in diesel machines. Students are given diesel mechanic training aside from automotive repairs. Auto mechanics have to be able to correctly diagnose automotive problems quickly. After diagnosing the problem, the mechanic begins to assess the cost for repairs and consults the owner about the vehicle’s defects and quotes a price. A mechanic should be competent enough to diagnose correctly and make the appropriate repairs or take care of the replacement of defective parts.

There are several programs and schools that actively promote training programs for those who are interested in becoming an auto mechanic. The evaluation of technician training programs is ensured by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). The NATEF evaluates vocational automotive and technical training programs and measures it against the standards that the automotive industry has established. Four different areas of certification are handed out by the NATEF: automotive, auto body, diesel technology (trucks) and alternative fuels. Mechanics may choose to be certified by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and undergo tests, but these are not required by law.

There are various grants and scholarships for adult education for those who wish to go back to school and continue their education, one of which is the Pell Grant. Adults just need to be eligible for Federal Student Financial Aid through a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is required for completion every year.

Some Professional Trade Worker’s Unions offer vocational training. The Department of Education website in your state may have state-level offerings for free vocational-technical trainings because of the state have some apprenticeship partnerships with local businesses or companies.

You may also find online offerings for vocational-technical trainings for automotive mechanic training and diesel mechanic. These may charge a fee but can be taken at your own pace and time so you will be able to study even if you have a regular job. Some vocational schools are eligible for DANTES (Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support) and will refund tuition fees.


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