How To Use the Job Corps

Job Corps provides free education and training plus a lot of other benefits for those who are eligible to enroll.  Interested?  Read on:

  1. Job Corps is a training program launched by the Department of Labor of the United States.  It provides career planning, education, on-the-job training and also job placement.  They also teach interview techniques, how to write good resumes and other skills that are needed to land a job.
  2. Know if you are eligible to enroll in Job Corps.  The requirements for Job Corps enrollment are the following: the applicant must be between 16 to 24 years old, a natural or legalized citizen of the United States and meet prescribed income requirements.  
  3. Jobs Corps gives hands-on training so that students can gain the skills and information that they need in the actual workplace.  Job Corps offers comprehensive training for about a hundred careers which include the following: accounting, business, finance, computer, graphic design, information technology, electronics, engineering, education, health sciences, health related careers, allied health sciences, construction, carpentry, mechanics, repairing, cosmetology, culinary arts, painting, seamanship, law enforcement, security, education, transportation, firefighting and a lot more.
  4. Job Corps has lots of supplementary activities to provide a well-rounded education.  You can participate in field trips, cultural programs, artistic, literary and musical workshops, sports competitions, community projects, student government and others. 
  5. You can get a lot of services for free at Job Corps.  Once enrolled in Job Corps, you could get dental and health care at no cost.  You would receive a clothing allowance and a basic living allowance that you will receive bi-weekly.  You can also take up driving lessons at Job Corps for free.  If you are a single parent, you could avail of childcare programs.
  6. Once enrolled in Job Corps, you will live in dormitories.  You will share your room with other students who are of the same gender as yours.  You will be asked to clean your room because it will be inspected from time to time, and those who have unclean or untidy rooms shall be restricted from participating in certain activities.
  7. Job Corps trains students in matters of discipline.  There would be rules regarding proper attire and neatness of appearance as well as inspections of dormitories, lounging areas and others.  Fighting, vandalism, assaulting and other kinds of unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.  If you are in Job Corps, know about the rules of the campus you are in and do your best to abide by them in order to stay enrolled.
  8. Job Corps does its best to maintain the safety of campuses.  One way of doing this is by implementing what they call a Zero Tolerance Policy for alcohol, drugs and violence.   When students are caught drinking, taking drugs or committing violence in any form will be dismissed immediately and prohibited from entering the program again.  They also have laws and regulations in order to preserve the security of students and Job Corps staff. 

Joining the Job Corps is a great move towards acquiring a good character and starting a stable career.  To enroll, visit the Job Corps site at


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