How To Apply for a Pell Grant Online

Are you down on your luck? Want to enroll in college but don’t have the financial resource to do so? Well, your luck will begin to change. One great thing about the US government is that they pay close attention to the needs of the underprivileged students that need a little help to get by. Through the federal Pell grant, selected students with no financial prospects but with fantastic potential can get the funding they need to attend college or even grad school. The best part about it is the application process is a breeze since you can apply for the grant at home via the Internet. If you are confused about this, then here are some steps that you should know in order to submit your application for your college tuition.

  • Visit the website. Visit the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid website at Peruse the website until you stumble upon the information about the Pell grant. Read about all the guidelines and take note of application form that you will be required to accomplish as part of the application process.
  • Get your PIN. While on the website, make sure to register and complete the process of getting your PIN. This is your personal identification number assigned to you by FAFSA which you will need to input in the online application form. This will be the code you will use to check on the progress of your application and the code to follow up on it as well.
  • Know the deadline. The application for the grant is only open once a year and the deadline varies from state to state. Upon receiving your PIN, browse for the deadline date of the particular state you are in. This will be the deadline for you to accomplish and submit your application. Now, if your state is not listed on the website, then you will have to resolve this issue with your school’s financial aid manager.
  • Fill out the online form. The next step is to actually accomplish the online FAFSA. This online form may take you hours to complete since it requires you to encode tons of information about yourself and status. Don’t worry; for as long as you save your progress, you can take your time on it. It is actually critical to save every so often so that if something goes wrong, you can easily continue where you left off.
  • Print the receipt. Upon completion and submission of the online FAFSA, you will receive a receipt in the form of the SAR or Student Aid Report. Print this out as proof that you submitted the application on time.
  • Be patient. The evaluation process of your application may take awhile simply because of the fact that hundreds and even thousands of people are submitting their applications as well. The process will normally take 3 weeks to complete. At this point, you will want to periodically check on your application online. You will need your PIN to be able to check on the progress. You will be notified by mail and email and through your FAFSA account if you are awarded the Pell grant. The school you are planning to go to will send you a notification as well which will include the amount afforded for you.

That is how simple applying for a Pell grant online is. All you really need is to collect all the info you need, a computer, and decent Internet access. Once you get the funding you need, make the most of it by doing well in your studies. You really owe the US government that much, right?


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