How To Apply for ITT Tech: Applying to College

Tips for Completing College Applications, Meeting Requirements and More

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Choosing which college to attend is an important decision--probably one of the most important decisions you'll make. However, before deciding, you'll need to apply.  There are some important things to consider before applying to college, and ITT Tech is no exception. Think about these college application tips:

  1. Finances. Going to college can be expensive, so it's important to review your finances and determine what you can afford. ITT Tech offers both online and on-campus programs and there are over 90 ITT Tech campuses nationwide. What your degree will cost you varies depending upon the location and program you choose. You can get an idea of ITT Tech tuition by selecting the campus and program of your choice and requesting more information.

    If you're planning to live near campus during your college education, you'll also need to factor in room and board. Again, this varies based on where in the nation you're living. An ITT Tech admissions officer can help you find housing if you're unfamiliar with the area. Use this cost of living calculator to determine what you may be spending on housing and add that to your tuition costs as well.

    If you're not sure what you can afford, use this tuition calculator to help figure it out.

  2. ITT Tech Admissions Requirements. Now that you've got an idea of what your tenure at ITT Tech is going to cost you, you'll need to make sure that you're aware of the ITT Tech college admissions requirements.
    • At ITT Tech, you must have a high school diploma, G.E.D. or the equivalent.
    • Meet with an ITT Tech representative.
    • Tour the campus you're planning to attend.
    • And have achieved any one of the following academic requirements within the past 5 years:
      -Pass an ITT Tech admissions exam or;
      -Have earned an SAT Verbal score of at least 400 and an SAT Math score of at least 400 or;
      -An ACT score of at least 17 or;
      -A GPA of at least 2.0 out of a 4.0 scale (out of at least 36 quarter credit hours or 24 semester or trimester credit hours) from an accredited institution.

    Once you've established that your academic scores are within the range of other ITT Tech applicants, you'll need to apply. You can apply at anytime to ITT Tech's online or on-campus programs.

  3. Application Process. The ITT Tech application process is similar to that of many other colleges. College applications can take a great deal of time to complete so make sure you complete every part if you want to be accepted. You'll need to visit the ITT Tech website and either request to be sent an application packet, or apply online. Either way, you'll need to supply the admissions office with information including:
    • Full Name
    • Other Personal Information
    • High School Transcripts
    • SAT and/or ACT scores
    • Scores from any other nationally recognized tests (such as AP)
    • Information about any other schools you've attended
    • Which ITT Tech campus and/or program you'd like to attend
  4. Send in your Application. The last thing to do is send in your application! You can submit your application online to any of ITT Tech's programs, but make sure you're filling out the correct application.

Now you know how to apply to ITT Tech. Good luck! If you have any other questions for the ITT Tech admissions staff, you can visit the ITT Tech website and request more information.  If you're not entirely certain whether ITT Tech is the right school for you, you can always check out other online IT programs for comparison.


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