How To Apply to Study Abroad at an Overseas College or University

With the rising cost of education in the United States many parents and students are seriously considering the idea of studying abroad by applying to an overseas college or university. It is an opportunity for a student to learn more about other cultures and meeting new people and make the student learn to adapt to a global community. The steps for applying are basically the same just like applying to a college or university at home but they are also several factors that you need to put into consideration. The tuition fees and the school expenses may be lower but you also have to consider the living and traveling expenses. Take a look at the tips below.

  • Decide on what course you want to take before you look for colleges and universities. If you are a freshman it will be easier. If you are already in college and you want to transfer to a college or university abroad you have more paper work to prepare as you need to validate whether the subjects that you have already taken will be credited. You may also have to pass a qualifying exam based on their own standards before your grades can be credited in your school record. Decide in which country you want to go to help narrow down your search. You can look at some of the sites that validate schools and universities around the world. This will provide you with good initial information about which schools to select.
  • Once you have decided on the country then it will be easier for you to search for a college or university that is offering the course that you have decided to take. You can search online for the relevant information that you need to know as well as the requirements you have to prepare. You also have to look at whether you need to pass some pre-enrollment exams as well as take some additional subjects to complete your application.
  • Download the application form for overseas students and complete it. Make sure that all the attachments and requirements have been met before you send your application. You need to call the educational institution and inquire if there are other requirements and instructions that have to be followed by an overseas student. Look into the possibility of available dorms in campus or if the school can assist you in locating student housing facilities. You should submit your application as early as possible to give the overseas college or university enough time to evaluate your application. This will make your preparation for traveling easier and you can use the extra time to locate temporary housing for the duration of your stay.
  • Make sure that you meet the language requirement of the country you have selected. At the most you will have to look for a college or university whose medium of instruction is English and where most citizens can converse in the language. It will help if you find a local phrase book and dictionary so that you will have an idea about the local language and learn some words before you travel.

Learn as much about the school, the country at its people to avoid culture shock. As you may have to stay in that country for three to four years or until you graduate then it pays to be able to get by on your own while mixing with the locals.


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