How To Apply to West Point

Several distinguished personalities in history share the experience of learning and training at West Point. Presidents, Generals, and esteemed leaders in the business sector have sought higher education at the academy. A total of only 1,200 candidates are accepted each year, so students strive hard to be eligible applicants for the limited slots at the academy. These steps will show you how to apply to West Point.

  1. Be more involved in your school's activities. Study hard and get more involved in school activities. Strive to get good grades in each subject or course and do extra work to boost your grades. If you find problem areas then speak to your teacher right away and consider hiring a tutor. Join clubs in school and try to get a leadership position in any of them. Find a sport that you can excel in and try out for the school team. Getting involved in these activities at school show that you have determination to get ahead and can take on a leadership role. Your grades will show how you measure up to expectations.
  2. Basic eligibility. To get into West Point you need to pass the basic eligibility requirements such as being a citizen of the United States and be at the age between 17 and 22. If you are married or have dependents you cannot apply at West Point. You must show evidence of good moral conduct.
  3. Take SAT or ACT exams. You have to take SAT and or ACT exams and submit results as part of the requirement. The ACT test will show your comprehension in mathematics, science, reading and English. The SAT exam will test your comprehension in writing, math and critical reading. The writing exam has to be selected when applying for the ACT so it will be included when you take the test.
  4. Fill out application. Initial testing is done by going to the West Point website and clicking the Apply button. Instructions of how to apply will be given and you just need to follow the links. A candidate questionnaire will be displayed for you to fill out. After submitting the questionnaire you will wait for the results. If you passed the initial test then you will get a candidate kit.
  5. Acquire Nomination. You can call up your local representative's office and ask for procedures or requirements to apply for a nomination. Explain to the person you talk to that you are applying to West Point.
  6. Get your body in shape. To get into West Point you also need to be physically fit. Exercise as often as you can and visit the local gym. Get a fitness program from fitness instructors and join sports that are held regularly.
  7. Accomplish the candidate kit. When you get the candidate kit try to accomplish it at the soonest time possible. Follow the instructions on the kit carefully.

West Point is not an easy academy to get in to but the experience and the knowledge you acquire from the training will give you an excellent foundation when you choose to move on from the military.


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