How To Avoid a Popular Scholarship Searching Mistake

Don't Do What Everyone Else Is Doing!

Are you looking for free money for college? Would you like to win college scholarships? If you answered yes to those questions, then read on and find out how to find scholarships in a way that your peers (opponents!) probably aren't using. 

When you think about how to find a college scholarship to apply for, what first comes to your mind? You are probably thinking, "Search the Internet", right? Just type "scholarships" into your search engine and instantly you have a list of Web sites to choose from. Well, that kind of thinking is a mistake that most students make when starting their scholarship searches. Why would you want to do what everyone else is doing? The more people searching this way drives up the number of students applying for the same scholarship, which reduces your chances of winning that scholarship!

Another way to search for scholarships might be considered the old-fashioned way, but it works! I am talking about going to your local library and finding the books that list scholarships that are categorized by your interests, hobbies, race, intended college major, club affiliation, etc. These books are updated each year and contain the most up-to-date scholarship information available to students. Unlike scholarship search sites, these books allow you to decide for yourself if you qualify for scholarships.

What I suggest doing is checking out 2 or 3 of these books (they will be big!), taking them home, and skimming each page until you find the scholarships that you'd like to apply for. Make a note of these scholarships, being sure to write down the name of the scholarship, Web site (if available), required documents, due date, and amount of money offered. Organize your list by the scholarships that are due first and start applying for scholarships. Sound easy enough? It IS.

It might seem easier to just type "scholarships" into an online search engine, but you will find that the scholarship books have more scholarships, harder to find scholarships, and the most up-to-date scholarship information available. Believe it or not, the Internet does not always have the most current scholarship information out there. Using other sources to find scholarships is just plain smart.

Good luck in your scholarship searching!


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